Opinion: Underrated Games

Mad Max PC

Intro and Scoring

So, you are amongst many foaming-at-the-mouth geeks looking forward to one of the many titles this Fall. Maybe it was The Phantom Pain, maybe it's Battlefront or maybe you were amongst the few who had high hopes for Mad Max after the blockbuster hit movie over this year. Myself, as a game reviewer even, fall victim still to trailers, bullshots, and other hype that usually ends up a let down on release. My biggest letdown of modern gaming history (1st world problems here)? Diablo III. Yep, I watched the trailers over and over, I read every book, comic, website, forum post, anticipating that game. In the end? The story was lackluster, the graphics were ok at best and the loot system? Horrid. Ever since then, I've tried not to get sucked into hype but rather approach every title with fairness and cautious optomism. Most of these games still received decent scores and games like Call of Duty and Halo, no matter how bland or recycled, usuall score above 8.5 or 9 on a 10 point scale. So, do reviews and scoring really even matter?

Mad Max PC
Is Mad Max perfect? Nope. Absolutely gorgeous and a blast to play? Yep.

Mad Max meet Bloodlust

So, we didn't receive a review code for Mad Max but still picked it up recently to give it a try. After seeing an average review score of 7.4, we weren't expecting much. Maybe that's part of why we are loving it so much...? That could be a question or a statement. Right now, we'd give the game a solid 9. Why? Because it's polished to a spit shine, it's absolutely gorgeous, the sound design is fantastic but most of all, IT'S A BLAST TO PLAY! Same with another game that has completely slipped under the radar: Bloodlust Shadowhunter. Oh, you've never heard of it. Well, it's on Steam and while not as polished, once again, a vampirish dungeon crawler that's A BLAST TO PLAY! Why all the caps and excitement? Because I don't know about you but we play and review games because they are supposed to be a fun escape. Who cares about all the other attributes of a game if it's not fun to play? Scoring systems with sometimes take away from that fun just because the reviewer didn't like some small aspect of said game. Mad Max is repetitive? Of course it is! What open world game isn't? That doesn't mean it doesn't deserve our attention.

Bloodlust ShadowhunterAhhhh... Bloodlust. You are an addictive little gem. 


So, in the end, we've been playing these two games more than anything that has launched of late. Metal Gear? Sorry, you are awesome but not as FUN as these two games. Are we excited for some of the other titles mentioned? For sure, but marketing hype and dollars don't equate to fun all the time. We love to find these gems sometimes hidden, sometimes just trampled over by better review scores. What are your thoughts on the issue?