Review: Everybody's Gone To The Rapture (PS4)

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture

Intro and Gameplay

ONE.. FOUR. ONE… SIX. ONE.. FIVE. These words and numbers are spoken at the haunting intro of one of the most unique gaming experience this year not only on the Playstation 4 but on any platform. Leave everything you know about mainstream titles at the doorstep as you won’t be shooting any aliens, crushing any candy or killing endless waves of enemies. The folks at The Chinese Room are absolutely genius wizard in their craft. After enjoying their outstanding Dear Esther again recently, I was convinced that they are some of my favorite devs. With the help of Sony, The Chineses Room has brought another surreal and unique experience that I won’t even attempt to explain or better yet, convey the masterpiece they have crafted here. You will walk, explore, take in sights and sounds, feel confused, scared, excited, and every other emotion you want to throw in to complete this description. Just me, it’s a short ride but a ride worth taking…

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture

Graphics and Sound

We are pretty spoiled our line of work as the ‘Hippos main gaming rig is a beefy PC with a 40” 4K display. As you can imagine, we are pretty jaded when we hear a game has “great graphics” but you know what, Rapture has outstanding graphics not only in the technical sense but artistic as well. Don’t believe us, check out the screenshots and video below. This is a work of art in every way. Fog rolls off trees, lighting changes from day to twilight in an instant for dramatic effect and ethereal beings shine and shimmer during dialogue flashbacks. Once again, I won’t spoil it all as this is an experience to be seen and felt, not described. Let’s just say, during one segment, night is turned to day quickly and the stars are shining and the night sky is rendered with an amazing effect. This is a gorgeous game.
Along with the eye candy on display here, the ear candy is equally if not even more impressive. The soundtrack is a marvel for a digital only release and rivals movie and big game soundtracks. The voice acting, effects, tape recordings etc are absolutely phenomenal in every regard. This is a visual and audio treat in every way.

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture

Fun and Value

Ok, so, this is slow paced game not only in movement, pace and flow but it’s also a very good slow burn as curiosity peaks and you unravel what has happened in this carefully crafted settings. Even if you are the type that prefers a much more frenzied and fast paced gaming experience, you owe it to the these developers and to yourself to experience this title. I have kept the descriptions very vague for a reason. This is a game that like a fine wine, needs to be sipped, contemplated and ultimately enjoyed with all its layers and waves of emotions it brings. It’s only $19.99 on PSN and it’s worth every penny. Buy it. Experience it. Love it.


Final Verdict: 

Rapture invokes many feelings not only during the game but now, after mulling it over, I realize even more the main feeling I got/get is wonder. Wonder and amazement. It’s amazing how far consoles have come, how much power they have and I sit in wonder at this title and what The Chinese Room will do next. This is a fantastic title at a very fair price.